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BOYS: Black trousers

Royal blue polo shirts with school badge

Royal blue sweatshirt or fleece with school badge

GIRLS: Black skirts, pinafores or black trousers.

Royal blue polo shirts with school badge

Royal blue sweatshirt or fleece with school badge

Socks/tights coloured blue/white. 

SHOES:  Well-fitting black school shoes (that cover and protect the whole foot). Boots can be worn to school but not at school. 


BOYS: Short-sleeved royal blue polo shirts with school badge

Short/long black trousers.

GIRLS: Lilac/blue gingham dresses, black trousers or skirts and royal

blue polo shirt with school badge.

P.E KIT: School PE top (1st one provided by the school) and black shorts.

Training shoes must be worn for junior outdoor lessons. Leggings/jogging/tracksuit bottoms can be worn during the winter during cold spells for PE. As they are part of the PE kit, they cannot be worn as school uniform. 

These items must be kept in a P.E. bag

For health and safety reasons, a child is not permitted to participate in P.E. or Games without the appropriate kit. Parents will be contacted if a child is experiencing a problem with their kit.

SWIMMING: Swimsuit, towel and swim hat.

GENERAL: Football shirts and shorts, in school colours, are supplied for matches.

PE kits need to be in school all week.   

COATS: It is important that the children have access to a hooded waterproof coat.

SECOND HAND UNIFORM: Available from the school office.

MARKING OF CLOTHING: All items of clothing need to be marked clearly.

During P.E. Games and Swimming, watches must not be worn.

Jewellery is not permitted (bar a simple wrist watch). Stud earrings are allowed for children who have had their ears pierced. Other types of earring are a health and safety risk and are not allowed in school.