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Reading is Fun

The title above sums up our approach to reading. We believe children need to develop into independent readers, who read for the love of reading!

Children learn to read in different ways, at different times and with different amounts of support. Our approach in school reflects that.

Phonics is taught through the use of Letters and Sounds combined with lots of different resources and active learning. 

Reading is then developed through the use of individual reading books and guided reading sessions. The reading books used are a mixture of schemes and 'real books' combined into a banded system that ensures continuity and progress, but allows flexibility across bands when needed.

As the chidren move through the school they will develop into 'free readers', who no longer need the support of banded system, but do need monitoring to ensure they are reading widely, often and to a level that is pushing on their interest and comprehension.

Children are given reading diaries to use in school and at home. They are for parents, pupils and school adults to fill in to track the variety and amount of reading as well as giving feedback.

From year 2 onwards we track children's progress through 6 monthly reading age tests and reading comprehension tests. Where progress is slow or stalled we put in extra support to overcome this through extra reading sessions or direct intervention programmes.

We are hoping to get the Accelerated Reader Programme in place in the new year, which will stimulate and help all of the children to reach the stage where Reading is Fun!