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Homework - How to develop a weekly cycle of activities.

The attached school policy tells you what homework we set, why and when. For some parents the grid, spellings, times tables and regular reading will be enough for their child. Our opinion is that all of these things are the most important things a child should do at Primary School for homework. It focuses on the development of basic skills, while the grid allows children to develop project skills which will help them when they transfer to secondary school.

We would encourage parents to use the school policy to help create a weekly cycle of homework. Parents know best when and where their children will settle to do these tasks. We are giving you the flexibility to do that, as we know that family life is important and that children need to be able to follow their own interests and join in on family experiences.

During the week the children should be reading to you about four times a week or more, with progress being recorded in the diary. Older children should take on the responsibility for recording their own reading and putting entries into the diary, you can hear them read a couple of times during the week and check they are completing their diary. The children should also be learning their spelling list by writing them out, creating sentences and being tested on them. The same goes for any tables they are set. Finally children should be planning out and then working on the activity they have selected to do from the grid. Parents can use the information on the grid to extend the task if they want their child to do more. Also, children can do more than just the 3 tasks asked for on the sheet.

Homework is not about how long it takes, it's about how much your child learns from doing it. But, all of the above, if done as stated, has the potential to create a weekly cycle of homework that is challenging but manageable.

But if you want more, the school will help to signpost parents to links that will provide you the means to develop a more extensive programme. The links will be age appropriate and enable parents to set and mark the work done. The target is to have these links up and running from this section by the new year. 

Homework can also be done during Thumbs Up time. Just contact the office telling us what it is and we will pass on the message to the TUC supervisors.   

If ever you have any concerns about homework, feel free to contact the class teacher.