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Average Scaled Scores and % achieving Reading, Writing and Maths combined 

Average scaled scores for 2019 at KS2 based on 8 pupils.

Subject Flushing National
Reading 102.9 104.4
Maths 104 105.1
GPS 100.5 106.4


Percentage achieving expected/greater depth in Reading, Writing and Maths in 2019, based in 8 pupils. 

RWM Flushing National Pupil Diff
EXS 38% 63% -2
GDS 0% 11% 0

Phonics Check 

100% achieved the standard in Year 1 in  2019.

There were no Year 2 retakes in 2019.

EYFS Profile

Percentage achieving at least the Early Learning Goal in all areas was above Cornwall.

The average point score per child was above Cornwall.