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Reporting the use of the PE Premium for 2018-19

The school is making the benefits of the grant sustainable by;

- investing in staff training, especially that of the PE Coordinator,

- purchasing services from the Penryn Sports Partnership to maintain the delivery of leagues, festivals, training and sports infra structure (see below),

- providing training and support to pupils to develop and maintain their involvement in sport long term.  

Along with all Penryn Partnership Primary Schools, we have agreed to spend £3,000 per year to work closely with Penryn College in developing the following key areas:

  • To support schools with curriculum development, training and support subject lead in schools: PE Review, Action Planning, OFSTED Guidance, develop student leadership, healthy playgrounds etc.
    • 1 Day per week: £1000+ per School
  • To lead,co-ordinate and deliver a full competitive programme, to include development of year 3 and 4 opportunities, and Talented and Able programme:
    • 1 Day per week: £1000 per school
  • To continue and expand the offer of after school sports clubs, holiday programme and Saturday School.
    • Up to £500 to contribute towards full time post at PC
  • To develop bespoke training for individual schools: e.g FUNS Training and resources, Youth Sport Trust Training, resources (and membership).
    • YST Membership £270 + Other Bespoke ‘National Training’: Training fund contribution £23.

Please see the document attached for the full review.

File icon: pdf Sport Premium Report 18-19 [pdf 163KB] Click to download