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The Governors provide both challenge and support, adding an extra dimension of expertise to the running of the school.

The current register of governing body is listed below. Committee membership is listed on succeeding pages.

Name (attendance 2018)

Pecuniar Interests

 Category / term of office 

Mark French (5/5 FGB)

Helen Murrells (teacher at the school) is my wife.




Robert Hurrell (5/5 FGB)

Committee member on;

Flushing Bowling Green

 Chair of Governors

 Community governor

 until 31/8/2020

Polly Tregaskes (4/5 FGB)

Parent of a pupil

 Parent governor

 until 31/12/2021

Alison Eva (3/5 FGB)

Daughter at Truro College

 Staff governor

 until 22/1/2022

Leslie Hygate (5/5 FGB)

PCC Secretary at St.Peter’s Church


 Foundation governor

 until 22/4/2022 

Helen Dodd (2/5 FGB)

Nil return

 Community governor 

 until 19/10/2020

Sue Treneer (3/5 FGB)

Nil return

 LA governor 

 until 1/11/2021

Kate Hughes (4/5 FGB)

Parent of a pupil

 Parent governor 

 until 31/5/2019

Stacey Mullins

Teacher at Helston Community College

Parent Governor

until 1/1/23


Rev Canon Andrew Stevenson

(4/5 FGB)

Nil return

 Vice Chair of GB

 Foundation governor

 Ex officio  

Lisa Beverley Jones

Mylor Bridge Pre-School committee member

Parent Governor

until 1/1/23