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Special Education Provision

During the course of this year the school will be adopting all parts of the new code of practice, including providing an online core offer. 

From time to time many children experience some kind of learning difficulty. The Governing Body and teaching staff will do their best to secure the necessary provision for any pupil who has special educational needs and ensure that those needs will be made known to all who are likely to teach him or her. The staff will ensure that all pupils have equal opportunities to join in the activities of the school.

Children who are not making the progress that is expected may be placed on the school’s Register of Need, after discussion with the parents. The child would then be given a set of learning objectives and a timescale in which to achieve them. The child, parents and teacher would work together to achieve the desired outcome.

If progress remains limited, advice may be sought from the County Psychological Service and the Learning Support Unit. This may result in a formal assessment under the terms of the Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs and the child may be given a statement of Special Educational Need which may entitle him/her to extra help from a Teaching Assistant or teaching time from a specialist teacher.

There is also individual provision made for children who are identified as being exceptionally able.

The School’s policy on Special Needs is available for any parent who would like a copy.

The School’s Special Needs Coordinator is Helen Murrells and the Special Needs Governor is Helen Dodd.

Children who are disabled are welcomed at Flushing C of E Primary School and given every assistance to fulfil their potential.