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The (Big) Flushing Curriculum

In response to the publication of the Curriculum 2014, the school decided to adopt the Cornwall Learning Inspire Curriculum, because it was based upon principles that we believed in and a structure that we were used to.

The school used the Inspire planning tools and units to construct our own topic cycles for each class. The cycles and plans were seen as a guiding core ensuring that there was continuity and progression throughout the school, without losing the teacher's ability to be creative in view of the children's needs, interests and the local environment they live in.  

Wherever possible we tried to link as many subjects as possible to each topic, but only if the links were strong and meaningful.

In September 2019 the school decided to switch to a new provision, 3-11. The composition of the classes changed to the following;

Seahorses > Pre-EYFS (3-4 year olds) & EYFS

Starfish > Year 1 & 2

Seals > Year 3 & 4

Dolphins > Year 5 & 6

The change of classes meant that the school had to change its curriculum and topics. This co-incided with the publciation of a new Ofsted Framework.

The school's curriculum from intent to implication to impact is explained in the main document below.  




File icon: pdf FPS Curriculum Progression Document [pdf 1MB] Click to download

 Subject area

 Curriculum resources used


 2014 National Curriculum POS

 White Rose Planning Scheme

 Penryn Partnership Calculation Policy  

 Religious Education

 2014 National Curriculum POS 2014

 Cornwall Agreed Syllabus

 SACRE agreed planning units


 2014 National Curriculum POS

 Seal Resources

 Christopher Winter Programmes for Drug/Sex Education

 School Worship Planner  

 Physical Education

 2014 National Curriculum POS

 Real PE Scheme of Work



 Reading books

 Content planned using Letters and Sounds  and resourced using Phonics Play and various ICT software/apps.

 Each child has their own reading book.

 Guided Reading is used and resourced by the library service and school stocks. SRA is also used for  

 comprehension skills.

We also develop a wide range of skills and experiences through annual events such as;

  • Access to PE Festivals and competitions across all year groups (through the Penryn Partnership).
  • Residential for years 4,5 and 6 on a 3 year cycle that includes camping, outdoor adventurous activities and a visit to London.
  • Swimming lessons for all the children (5.5 hours per year).
  • Public performances that includes a nativity, extended musical production and regular church services.
  • Fund raising for local/national charities and community groups.
  • Visitors and workshops that reflect the diverse nature of British society.    
  • Regular trips linked to class topics.

File icon: doc PRIMARY_national_curriculum [doc 1MB] Click to download