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Breakfast Club and Thumbs Up Club!

As a school we value and take pride in our ability to provide wrap around provision from 8am-5.30pm every day. Over the past few years it has become increasingly more difficult to maintain this, given inflationary pressures and the removal of supporting grants, at a price that parents can afford. Nevertheless, the school governors are committed to providing this service for parents and in order to do this we have made positive changes to TUC from this September. The main change is that we have moved teacher’s clubs into TUC and this has helped to reduce costs and therefore put off any increase in price. The governors are grateful to the teachers for this support and believe this will add an extra dimension to the Club. The new weekly cycle is set out below.      

Monday 3.15-4.15pm Sports night with a DBS/qualified sports coach and Sophie.
  4.15-5.30pm TUC activities                            (Sophie/Ellen)
Tuesday 3.15-4.00pm Challenge night with Sophie and Ellen
  4.00-5.30pm TUC activities/ I pads                (Sophie and Mark French)
Wednesday 3.15-4.15pm Art night with Sophie and Ellen (league teams with MF/SW/AM)
  4.15-5.30pm TUC activities.                           (Sophie and Ellen)
Thursday 3.15-4.00pm French night with Alison Eva and Sophie.
  4.00-5.30pm TUC activities.                           (Sophie and Averil)
Friday 3.15-4.15pm Playday night with Zoe Mitchell and Sophie.
  4.15-5.30pm Film night.                                  (Sophie and Ellen)

Each night has a theme, but the children do not have to do that activity as there will still be a member of staff available to provide free choice activities that also continue after the theme has ended. If any of the activities are in any place other than the Village Club (e.g. the Bowling Green or School), a note will be placed on the Club door.

To make a booking for either TUC or Breakfast Club, please contact the school office, in person, by phone or email before 12 noon each day. You can make a block booking for the same slots each week, but please make sure you tell us if your child is going to miss a slot any week. We will take late booking after 12 noon and before 3, but please make sure you speak to a member of staff to get confirmation as the club could be full. If your child normally catches the ferry, it is vital that we know whether they are staying for TUC or not.    
Childcare Charges
Breakfast Club  - Monday to Friday from 8am onwards (including breakfast and play). £2.50 per day. Please make sure children are in the library by 8.20am as breakfast is not served after this time. The Club Leader is Kate.  
Thumbs Up Club – Monday to Friday from 3.15-5.30pm (includes a drink and a biscuit). The whole session (3.15-5.30pm) is £7.50 and the first hour (3.15-4.15pm) is £4.  
Please send in or make payments to the school office on a daily or weekly basis.